Our Mission: MPC is a Christ-Centered Ministry dedicated to protecting the unborn, providing for those facing crisis pregnancies and post abortion trauma, and promoting healthy relationships through a system of support with the love of Jesus Christ.

Our VisionA world where every child has a chance at life, and is welcomed and nurtured in a loving family
Core Values:
Founded in 1988 with a vision for making a difference in the lives of mothers and their unborn babies, MPC responds compassionately to the needs of women and men faced with a crisis pregnancy.
Tragically, abortion is used as a "quick fix" for a crisis because women feel there is no alternative to an abortion and they receive pressure to abort their babies.  Ninety-one percent of women interviewed at an abortion clinic said that if they had felt an alternative was available, they would not have decided to abort.
We encourage informed decision-making by providing accurate information on parenting, abstinence, adoption, and abortion.  We present alternatives to abortion so that each woman may explore every possible option before making her decision -- which she will either regret or cherish for the rest of her life.
We believe abortion compounds and continues the crisis of an unexpected or unplanned pregnancy for a lifetime.  We believe abortion is a heart-breaking experience that emotionally destroys a woman for years and ruthlessly ends the life of her unborn baby who is vulnerable and defenseless.  We believe one heart breaks as the other heart ceases to beat every time an abortion occurs. 
We choose to speak the truth in love and to stand up for life in our community.